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Crescent are continually evolving, growing and developing. Why not have a view of our latest video, it will give you a understanding of how Crescent have grown over the past 30 years and our plans to continue this growth.

Modal Decomposition Modeling – the technology behind SYSTIMAX cabling

With the drive to IOT devices along with bandwidth hungry applications, have you made the correct choice in your infrastructure? This is the critical motorway for all this data to travel upon. Systimax provides Commscope customers with leading edge technology that we make in our own plants like Bray, Dublin. To see some of the Science and Technology  behind Systimax take a look at this short video.  

Commscope One Cell

Learn how CommScope’s unique OneCell system uses a unique Cloud RAN (C-RAN) small cell architecture and other innovations to deliver a consistently high quality user experience with the simplicity and economics of managed Wi-Fi for public venues and large enterprises.

Intelligent Buildings by Commscope

The term “intelligent building” has been in use since the early 1980s and you would think that a globally accepted definition of the attributes of an intelligent building would have been established by now. Well, think again. Although several organisations have attempted to establish a universal definition, there are a multitude of definitions with different levels of detail and varying degrees of emphasis on various aspects of building intelligence.

Although there are multiple and evolving perspectives on the subject, it is becoming increasingly clear that an intelligent building is a connected and efficient building.

A connected building boasts an integrated communications infrastructure that supports wired and wireless networks and applications. It also facilitates person-to-person, person-to-machine and machine-to-machine communications within the building and with the outside world using a state of the art intelligent, flexible, wired and wireless platform. The platform supports wired LAN, Wi-Fi, in-building wireless, audio/visual, sensors, lighting and building management applications. Buildings are also becoming cloud connected as an essential part of smart grids and smart cities.

An efficient building leverages a state-of-the-art connectivity platform to address key corporate real estate, facilities and IT challenges to improve energy efficiency, space utilisation and occupant satisfaction. In an efficient building, the intelligent connectivity platform is easily adaptable to changes in space design or communications technologies.

A high density sensor network integrates with other building systems to provide fine-grained occupancy-based control of building systems for optimal energy use and occupant comfort while providing a real-time and historical view of occupancy patterns.

At a time when the design and utilisation patterns of a building’s individual and common spaces are undergoing significant changes, efficiency expectations continue to increase. This is fuelled by the increase in connected devices, sensors and Building Internet of Things applications. As the definition of intelligent buildings continues to evolve, buildings are becoming increasingly connected and efficient.

Todays most inspiring technologies

No matter where you work or play, today’s professionals live a digital lifestyle that demands instant, reliable Internet access, virtually everywhere. CommScope aims to empower this lifestyle with world-class fibre-optic solutions that push the envelope on connectivity, latency and bandwidth.

Leviton Network Solutions

Leviton provides high-performance copper, fiber, and power network connectivity for enterprise, data center, service provider, and residential applications around the globe, all backed by the industry’s best service and support. We’re the smart choice for a better network.


Built on the science of innovation, our flagship line of copper and fiber structured cabling solutions has been meeting and beating industry standards—oftentimes before they’re even written. From design and deployment to management and moves, adds and changes; SYSTIMAX delivers the performance, flexibility and reliability that no other solutions can match.

Discover SYSTIMAX and prepare to remain ahead of industry standards now—and well into the future. In addition, we also offer our SYSTIMAX Application Assurance—which includes design capabilities and performance guarantees to support your migration to higher-speed applications.