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We are proud to announce that Crescent Infrastructure has achieved certification in three key ISO standards: ISO 9001 for Quality Management, ISO 45001 for Health & Safety Management, and ISO 14001 for Environmental Management.

Commitment to Quality: ISO 9001 Certification

Our ISO 9001 certification demonstrates our commitment to providing high-quality works and services. This certification ensures that we have integrated a structured, process-based approach to quality management across all business operations. We have established formal objectives to monitor and improve our performance, ensuring top-tier customer satisfaction.

download a copy of our ISO 9001 Certificate

Health & Safety Excellence: ISO 45001 Certification

At Crescent Infrastructure Co., the health and safety of our employees and clients are paramount. Our ISO 45001 certification confirms our commitment to maintaining a safe working environment. Independent annual audits verify our adherence to internationally recognized health and safety standards.

 Download a copy of our ISO 45001 Certificate

Environmental Stewardship: ISO 14001 Certification

We are also dedicated to environmental protection. Our ISO 14001 certification shows our commitment to preventing pollution and minimizing environmental impacts. We adhere to all current legal, regulatory, and stakeholder requirements, continually improving our environmental management system.

 Download a copy of our ISO 14001 Certificate

Our Commitment

Crescent Infrastructure Co. aims to secure future success by investing in our employees, providing necessary resources, and utilizing best practices to drive continuous improvement. We regularly monitor our performance and seek customer feedback to ensure satisfaction during and after the delivery of our works and services.

Environmental Policy

Crescent Infrastructure is committed to environmental stewardship. We ensure that all actions, activities, and initiatives consider and protect the environment. Our commitment includes preventing pollution and adhering to all legal, regulatory, and stakeholder requirements. We continually improve our environmental management system and strive to maintain our ISO 14001 certification, achieving our environmental objectives and reducing environmental risks at all times.

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These certifications confirm that Crescent Infrastructure is recognized as a market leader by clients, committed to quality, health & safety, and environmental stewardship.