” As structured cabling is scalable, this allows to future proof businesses, and enhance network capabilities, immediately or far into the future . 

In today’s fast-paced work environments, businesses are putting more and more data applications on their networks such as data, voice, and video. Crescent Infrastructure delivers and manages the network structured cabling solutions that meet those demands, enabling organizations to be able to adjust to the ever-changing networks increasing demands.

Investing in your structured cabling network provides a future-proof strategic solution to your business needs, and allowing you to work smarter and be more efficient.

Project completed on time

On Time

Within Budget

Within Budget

IT Standards


Our philosophy is to deliver all structured cabling projects on time, within budget, and always to our standards of

“Infrastructure Cabling Excellence.”

“Your structured cabling infrastructure is critical to enable agile operations and is the key to the success of a business.”

The importance of access to and transportation of digital data has never been more critical to a business’s reputation or productivity. Any data loss or inability to access it can be catastrophic and may be pivotal to a business’s survival, impacting revenues and reputation.

Partnership Approach

We at Crescent Infrastructure pride ourselves on having a partnership approach with all our clients – finding them the most cost-effective solution that meets their technical needs.

Our experience and industry knowledge allows us to design and deliver such solutions to all our clients, which has made us one of Ireland’s largest and most successful Data Networking company, throughout the various industries we work in today.

Crescent Infrastructure is Vendor Independent and is certified to install the world’s leading brands, such as Systimax, Netconnect, BrandRex, Belden, Excel, etc.

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